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Paper-XX: Philosophy of Mind (Western) ─II

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नवम्बर 2010
सोम मंगल बुध गुरु शुक्र शनि रवि
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Department of Philosophy

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra

M.A. Philosophy

Fourth Semester


Option (GROUP-B)                                                                           Max. Marks: 100

Paper-XX: Philosophy of Mind (Western) ─II                                 Time :3 Hours


Note: The paper-setter is requested to set Eight questions in all, selecting two questions from each unit. The examinees shall have to attempt five questions in all, selecting at least one question from each unit. All questions carry equal marks.


Unit-1: Nature of Western Philosophy of Mind; Nature of Consciousness: First person

            account & Third Person Account.

Unit-2: Cartesian Dualism: Meaning, Problems and its Modifications.

Unit-3 :Behaviourism: Meaning; Psychological Behaviourism of B.F.Skinner;

            Philosophical Behaviourism of L. Wittgenstein & G.Ryle;  Identity Theory of



Unit-4 : A general introduction of Functionalism; Representational Theory of Mind;

              Interrepresentational theories of Mind (Donald Davidson & Daniel C.Dennett)

              and Eliminativism  (Paul Churchland).


Suggested Books:

Bechtel, William: Philosophy of Mind: An Overview of Cognitive Science, Lawerence Erlbaum Associates Publishers, Hillsdale, New Jersey,1988.

Jerome A. Shaffer: Philosophy of Mind, Prentice-Hall,1968.

Heil John: Philosophy of Mind (a contemporary introduction), Routledge: London & New York, 2003.

Pradhan,R.C.:Recent Developments in Analytic Philosophy. Indian Council of Philosophical Research :New Delhi,2001.

Shukla, J.P.: The Nature of Mind. Modern Book House.: Jabalpur,1966.

Titus, H.H. & others (Ed.): Living Issues in Philosophy. Oxford University Press:  New York, 1995.

William O’ Donohue,& Richard Kitchener(Eds): Philosophy of Psychology, Edi.by. Sage Publishers: London,1996.Crumley II, Jack S. (Ed.): Problems in Mind. Mayfield Publishing Company: London & Tornto, 2000.


The scheme, Syllabus and Courses of Reading recommended by the Staff Council of the Dept. of Philosophy in its meeting held on 17-07-2009 at 11:00 a.m. in the office of the Chairman, Department of Philosophy , Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. Furthermore, it is also added that the above said Scheme, Syllabus and Courses of reading is also recommended in the meeting of P.G.B.O.S. held on 22.08.2009 at 2.00 p.m. in the office of the Chairman, Dept. of Philosophy, K.U.K.


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