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The Problem of Mind, Cognitive Science and Integrated Research Methodology

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नवम्बर 2013
सोम मंगल बुध गुरु शुक्र शनि रवि
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There are numerous aspects of the nature of man, and each aspect gives rise to many problems. Some of these problems are comparatively simple, other deep and perplexing. Throughout time, people have made distinction between the material or physical world and mental or psychical world, the former may be perceived by any observer; the later remains a private experience. Philosophy of mind, today dealing with four issues: the nature of mind and body, mental content, mental causation and consciousness. The nature of mind is one of the most important issues that philosophy has to consider and one of the most complex and baffling. The answer depends on our definition of mind and our interpretation of the universe. Any single interpretation of mind is inadequate. The problem of the nature of mind is central question not only from metaphysical point of view, but also from that of human interests in general. In everyday sphere of human experience the manifestation of the powers of mind is closely perceived. In this paper we will study the concept of mind in its historical setting, the nature and work of cognitive science and integrated research methodology to deal with the problem of mind.



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