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Bibliography on David Hume’s Philosophy of Mind


Bibliography on David Hume’s Philosophy of Mind

Prepared by Dr Desh Raj Sirswal

Primary Works

Hume, David(1997) An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, from Philosophical Classics from Plato to Nietzsche, Ed. By Forrest E. Baired & Walter Kaufmann, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

___________ (1978) A Treatise of Human Nature, Edited by L.A.  Selby-Bigge Oxford University Press, London.

:___________( 2006) The Understanding(Treatise :Book I), Ed. by Bennettt, Jonathan , The, Radical Academy,


Flew, Antony(1962) Hume on Human Nature and the Understanding, Edi. ,Collier Books, New York.

Secondary Books:

Ayer, A.J. (2006) Hume: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.

Flew, Antony (1986) David Hume, Philosopher of Modern Science, Basil Blackwell Ltd., Oxford, USA, First  edi.

Flage ,Daniel E.(1990)David Hume’s Theory of Mind, Routledge,London and New York.

John Bricke (1980) Hume’s Philosophy of Mind, Princenton University Press, Princenton, New Jersey.

Passmore, John(1980 ) Hume’s Intentions,  Gernald Duckworth &Co. Ltd., London.

Pears, D.F. (1963) David Hume : A Symposium, (Ed.) , Macmillan & Co. Ltd., London.

Smith, N. Kemp(1960) The Philosophy of David Hume, Macmillan & Ltd. New York and

St Martins Press, London.

Verma, V.P.(1978) David Hume ka Darshan, Rajasthan Hindi Granth Academy, Jaipur.


Articles about Hume:

Bair, Annette(1982)”Hume’s Account of Our Absurd Passions”, The Journal of Philosophy,79(11) November,pp.643-652

Beaudoin, John (2006) On Some Criticisms of Hume’s Principle of Proportioning Cause

to Effect, Leeds Electronic Text Centre (University of Leeds), Link:http://etext.leeds.ac.uk/articles/beaudoin.htm Date of Citation:13-12-2006

Berofsky, Bernard(1966)”Causality and General laws”, The Journal of Philosophy, 63(6)March, pp.148-157

Clack, R. Jerold (1973) ” Chisholm and Hume on Observing the Self”, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research ,XXXIII(3) March, ,pp.338-348.

Cowley, Fraser (1971) “The Identity of A Person and His Body”, The Journal of Philosophy, 68(20) Oct., pp. 678-683.

Dietl, Paul J.(1968)”Hume on the Passions”, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research XXVIII(4) June,pp.554-566

Daniel, S.C. (1985)”The Problem of Identity of Objects in Hume’s Philosophy”, Indian Philosophical Quarterly ,XII(2) April,pp.190-196

Davidson, Donald(1976) “Hume’s Cognitive Theory of Pride” ,The Journal of Philosophy,73(19)November,pp.744-757

Ducasse, C.J. (1966) “Critique of Hume’s Conception of Causality”, The Journal of Philosophy, 63(6) March, pp.141-148

Flew, A.G.N.(1964)”Hume”, A Critical History of Western Philosophy, Ed. By. D.J.O`Conner, Collier-Macmillan Ltd., London.

Garrett,Don (1981)”Hume’s Self- Doubts About Personal Identity”,The Philosophical Review,XC(03)July,pp.337-358.

Gould, James A. & Mulvaney, Robert J.(2001) Classic Philosophical Questions, (edi.) , Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersy, Tenth Ed.

Some Chapter:

“Hume: Cause Means Regular Association”

“Hume: There Are No Possible Grounds for Induction”

“Hume: Human Beings have No Identical Self”

Haque,Intisar-Ul (1970) “The Person and Personal Identity”, Philosophy & Phenomenological Research, XXXI (1) Sep.,pp.60-72

Hudson, W.D (1964) “Hume on Is and Ought”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 14(54) Jan.,pp. 246-252

Goswami, Sauravpran(1998)”Contemporary Treatment of the Problem of Self:The Humean Tradition”, Perspectives in Contemporary Philosophy, Edi. by Dilip Kumar Chakravarty, Ajanta Publications, New Delhi.

Hobert,R.E. (1930) “Hume Without Scepticism (I)”,Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy ,XXXIX(155) July,pp.273-301

Hobert,R.E. (1930)”Hume Without Scepticism (II)”,Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy, XXXIX(156) Oct.,pp.409-425

Korfmacher,Carsten(2006) “Personal Identity”,  The Internet Encyclopedia  of Philosophy,http://www.iep.utm.edu/p/person-i.htm

Laird,J.(1943) “Impressions and Ideas: A Note on Hume”, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy, LII (206) April,pp.171-177

Noxon, James (1964)” Hume ‘s Agnosticism” , The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol. LXXIII, pp.248-261

Nelson,John O.(1972) “Two Main Questions Concerning Hume’s Treatise and Enquiry””, The Philosophical Review,  LXXXI, pp.333-350

Parfit, Derek (1971)”On The Importance of Self-Identity”, The Journal of Philosophy, 68(20) Oct., pp.683-690.

Penelhum, Terence(1971) “The Importance of Self Identity”, The Journal of Philosophy, 68(20)Oct.,pp.667-78.

Penelhum, Terence(1955) ” Hume on Personal  Identity” , The Philosophical Review, LXIV,pp.571-589.

Price, Kingsley Blake(1950) ” Hume’s Analysis of Generality”, The Philosophical Quarterly, LIX, ,pp.58-76

Richards,Thomas J.(1965) “Hume’s Two Definitions of ‘Cause’,” The Philosophical Quarterly,15(59) April,pp.247-253

Rodrigues, C.L. (2002) “David Hume (1711-1776)”, from The Encyclopedia of Collected Philosophical Thoughts & Biographies, (Ed.) Vol. 2, Dominant Publishers And Distributors, New Delhi.

Smith,Norman(1905)”The Naturalism of Hume(I)”, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy,XIV,pp.149-173

Smith,Norman(1905)”The Naturalism of Hume(II)”, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy,XIV,pp.335-347

Sharp, Frank Chapman(1921) “Hume’s Ethical Theory and It’s Critics (I)”, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy, XXX(118)April, ,pp.40-56.

Sharp, Frank Chapman(1921) “Hume’s Ethical Theory and It’s Critics (II)”, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology & Philosophy, XXX(118) April, ,pp.151-171.

Shoemaker, David W. (2007) “Personal Identity and Practical Concerns”, “, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Philosophy,116(462) April 2007,pp.317-357.

Taylor, Charles (1967) “Mind-Body Identity, A Side Issue?”, The Philosophical Review, 76(2) April ,pp.201-213.

Williams,J. Anthony ( 2007)”Is Hume a Sceptic with regard to Personal Identity and Ontology in General ?

http://home.sandigo.edu/-baber/SCP2006/papers/williams.pdf, Dated;07-07-2007

Wolff,Robert Paul(1960) “Hume’s Theory of Mental Activity “, The Philosophical Review, LXIX, July,pp.289-310

“Personal Identity”, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/identity-personal.htm Dated: 10-07-2007.

Page Details:

Prepared by Dr Desh Raj Sirswal

Date: 30-09-2009

Last Update: 28-04-2011



© Desh Raj Sirswal 2007-2011


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  1. adventurist कहते हैं:

    Nice selection there. I’m in the middle of writing a course of Hume’s philosophy of mind and personal identity on my blog at the moment, and I’m sure this will come in handy. Thanks. The course is at;

    http://whattable.wordpress.com/ I hope you find it interesting.

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